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Who Needs Hair Removal


Who Needs Hair Removal – And Why?

Laser Hair Removal AvalonIf you’ve been wondering whether getting electrolysis to remove unwanted hair is for you, then you’re in the right place. Most people who visit us have gone through thousands of razors and even acids or other products that remove hair at the expense of damaging skin. The bigger picture will tell you that you’ve spent literally thousands of dollars and hours either shaving or waxing. If you’ve ever needed to shave your legs or other parts of your body for appearance sake, then you my friend may need laser hair removal.

Laser Hair Removal Benefits

When you opt for getting your hair permanently removed, you’re actually saving yourself money in the long run. You’re also saving yourself hundreds or thousands of hours in the future since you won’t need to shave anymore. Sound too good to be true? It’s not! Did you know the average woman spends 72 days out of her life shaving her legs?!

Laser Hair Removal Is Worth Every Zap and Every Penny!

Not everyone is blessed with hair that needs shaving every two weeks or skin that doesn’t get irritated by the shari edges of the razor. Many men and women suffer from coarse, dark hair that needs to be shaved on a daily basis. For many women, shaving the underarms or the bikini area also produces undated and painful razor bumps. Many hair removal creams have an unpleasant odor and the pain of waxing can be a bit of a turn off. That leaves laser hair removal as a great new alternative that permanently helps reduce unwanted hair. As the procedure became more popular – the steep prices that are associated with the treatments are a thing of the past and many people are choosing to stop shaving.

On average (depending on the skin tone, hair color, age and genetics) 80% reduction of hair can be achieved after 6-9 treatments. Some patients are able to stay hair free after the completion of the series. Others may require maintenance treatments every year, which is still much better then having to shave every morning. The price of laser hair removal varies based upon the treatment area. Many of our patients in Miami choose this procedure to minimize the life long hassle of shaving and waxing to achieve beautiful smooth skin.

Why us?

At Avalon Medical Spa, we care for each one of our clients and know them on a first-name basis. Our process is pretty simple: we’ll get all your goals together and come up with a plan that’s comfortable for you. For some people it’s taking care of the legs. For others, like many of our male clients, it’s removing unwanted hair from the back or other areas of the body. Whatever your goals are, we’re here for you, to deliver the top service at the very best price. So give us a ring or stop by! What are you waiting for?