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Underarm Laser Hair Removal

Its ok to raise your arms!
Underarm hair can be the most embarrassing, especially if you did not have time to shave in the morning. For some of our clients, shaving the underarms can lead to irritation, painful ingrown hairs and also darkening of the skin which can be embarrassing and sometimes permanent.  Underarm laser hair removal is the number one solution for pretty much hair related issue on the underarms. In as little as six treatments our clients report 80-90% reduction of hair. The amazing thing about underarm laser hair removal is that the treatments are effective and almost painless. Avalon Medical Spa utilizes cutting edge technology that cools the skin upon contact to provide an additional layer of comfort to all of our clients. The treatment only takes about 15 minutes to complete and you will be able to resume your every activities immediately after!

Our laser works by heating up the hair follicle using light and radio frequency energy prohibiting it from growing hair in the future. Immediately after underarm laser hair removal, it is normal to have light swelling and redness on the treatment area. To avoid any adverse side effects, Avalon Medical Spa recommends avoiding any activities that would elevate your body temperature such as steam rooms, hot showers, working out ect for 48 hours after your treatment. The treated hair follicles will shed from the skin about 10-14 days after the initial underarm laser hair removal session.

Some of our Miami patients experienced darkening of the skin in the underarms caused by waxing or shaving. Underarm laser hair removal in Miami will help gradually lighten the skin. Certain bleaching creams, and of course IPL/Photofacial will help to lighten the area even faster!

To begin your process, call Avalon Medical Spa – the experts of laser hair removal in Miami, Brickell and Coral Gables at 305-918-2007 or fill out our contact form and one of representatives will get back to your shorty!

Laser Hair Removal Underarms Before and After