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Laser Hair Removal – How Many Sessions?

Miami Laser Hair Removal model with smooth beautiful skinLaser hair removal in Miami is more popular then ever. Smooth, hair free skin in Miami is as much of a necessarily as perfume or cologne. Shaving and waxing can provide short term results, but require constant maintenance, time and money. Even laser hair removal requires a series of treatments, but exactly how many sessions do you need? Avalon Medical Spa offers state of the art technology which is ideal for all skin tones from light to olive to dark.

Modern advances in technology has made laser hair removal effective in providing dramatical reaction of hair and the speed of which it grows. The discomfort and pain that is associated with the treatments has also been significantly reduced. While still somewhat painful, the sensation is far more tolerable then getting a regular was on your bikini or back!

Backed by scientific studies by the American Academy of Dermatology, at least six treatments are needed to achieve significant hair reduction. And in reality, the results vary from patient to patient. Personal factors such as the area treated, the color and thickness of your hair, the type of laser and the color of your skin all affect the speed at which results are achieve. For safety reasons, the first treatment is always the most conservative, this helps the practicer determine a base line and see how much energy your skin can tolerate. Clients usually see anywhere from 10-25% reduction of hair after the first treatment.

Clients with lighter skin tones can expect closet to 80% reduction of hair after the initial six treatments and those seeking laser hair removal for darker skin can achieve the same results in 9 sessions. Avalon Medical Spa in Miami strongly advices all clients to book their laser hair removal appointments every 4 to 6 to 8 weeks depending on the body area. This allows the laser to treat the hairs in the dormant, or sleeping stage, that may have been missed in the previous session. If the time intervals are not upheld, it is possible to miss an entire cycle of hair growth.

Some areas may require more treatments then others. This is determined by the hair growth cycles since the laser is only able to attack the hairs that are in the growing stage. This period only lasts for a couple of weeks, then the hair follicle can either rest or shed. For example, the hair on the underarms changes cycles every five weeks while the some hair on the legs can sometimes take up to 12 months! Some areas of the body are also affected by hormones, such as the lip or the bikini area, and may require more sessions then average. It is important to remember that pregnancy, or menopause can trigger long-term dormant hair follicles to become active and produce hair at an accelerated rate!

To find out more about laser hair removal  sessions in Miami and  how many treatments you may need, contact Avalon Medical Spa for a complimentary consultation!