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Laser Hair Removal Results, Results and Results!

beautiful woman after laser hair removal results with elos technology provide smooth hair free skin
Smooth Skin is Finally Possible!

Avalon Medical Spa is proud to call themselves as the laser hair removal Miami experts! We have gained our titled through years of experience, education, and dedication in  delivering superb laser hair removal results. The one thing that makes our world as beautiful as is it is the individual differences in every one of us. Our hair color, skin color, height, facial features, genetics and personal biological factors. These differences affect how our bodies react to environmental factors and medical procedures, such as laser hair removal.

Behind the Scene…

Before we address the expected results with laser hair removal, let’s discuss how the behind the scenes science that makes laser hair removal so darn amazing! The laser uses a beam of light, at a specific wavelength that targets different absorption chromophores inside our skin. For laser hair removal, the three most effective wavelengths are the Alexandrite (755nm), Diode (810nm) and the ND:YAG (1064nm). Each wavelength penetrates the skin at different levels and strengths. Generally, clients with lighter skin tones are the perfect candidates for the Alexandrite and clients with darker skin tones are ideal for the ND:YAG. The Diode is known as the gold standard wavelength for laser hair removal since it is able to treat any skin tone, safely and efficiently. Choosing the best laser is only part of the process to ensure that the results are above and beyond expectations.

Once the laser light touches the skin, it is then converted into heat energy. The heat is then attracted to the bulb of the hair follicle, heating it up and ultimately preventing it from growing hair in the future. Sounds pretty easy right? Well, this is where personal biological factors come into play…

It’s Always about the Hair! 

Our hair grows in cycles (growing, shedding and sleeping). Only about 15% of our hair follicles are growing at any given moment. Once the hair is in its growth cycle, the shaft of the hair follicle is attached to the bulb and the blood supply. That is when the laser is able to effectivity treat it. This is primary why most clients are never fully hair free with just one session.

The primary target chromophore of all those wavelengths is melanin. The more melanin your hair follicle has, the darker it is. However, our skin also has melanin and the same principle applies – the more melanin, the darker the skin. Therefore, the laser light will ultimately be also attracted to the melanin in the skin. To much heat, would cause burns, blisters, and pigmentation. For safety reasons, clients with darker skin tones usually get treated with less energy. Therefore requiring additional treatments to achieve the desired reduction of hair.

What about MY laser hair removal results?

On average, clients with lighter skin tones and dark hair usually require an average of six treatments to achieve 80-95% reduction of hair. Clients with a more olive complexion may require up to nine treatments to achieve comparable results. Whereas African American clients may need up to twelve. Some areas may also respond much slower than others. For examples, our male clients usually need more than six treatments on their face/beard area. Our female clients usually require an additional few touch up to achieve desired laser hair removal results.

To find out more about your personal laser hair removal results, contact Avalon Medical Spa. We are proud to be the laser hair removal Miami experts. During your initial, no cost – no obligation consultation, our laser technicians will be able to give you an estimate of a number of sessions needed. You will also be able to experience the feeling of the laser zap. After about two weeks – see the laser hair removal results on your own skin! Call us today at 305-918-2007 or email us at info@avalonmedispa.com