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Paradoxical Hair Growth and Laser Hair Removal

Model with paradoxical hair growth after laser hair removal in MiamiParadoxical hair growth and laser hair removal have been mentioned together in more then one laser hair removal blog through the internet. Laser hair removal is meant to reduce unwanted hair on the body. But what happens if you are one of those rare individuals that experienced paradoxical hair growth? Some patients have claimed that after laser hair removal they experienced more hair growth then ever before.So we decided to do some research. In this blog post, you will find the scientific facts of paradoxical hair growth, possible causes and prevention.

According to a study published in the UK Journal of Medical Aesthetics and Anti-Aging, paradoxical hair growth is very unlikely caused by the laser .Laser uses energy (fluence) which is measured in joules/second. Regardless of the amount of energy used, the laser simply did not produce enough energy where hair growth can be stimulated. 80,000 times more energy to be exact! The study does not deny the existence of paradoxical hair growth, rather suggests that there maybe another cause.

There are numerous other factors that can cause unexpected hair growth after laser hair removal or IPL photofacial. These circumstances can include:S

  • seasonal variation of hair growth patterns
  • increase of hair growth with age
  • paradoxical effect of androgens (steroids)
  • endocrine disorders
  • idiopathic hirsutism
  • stress
  • medications
  • food supplements
  • Minoxidil
  • exposure to UV light

Post inflammatory hair growth (hypertrichosifs) has been reported in many  traumatic and burn injury reactions. This phenomenon is also called the ware-wolf syndrome. The inflammation of the skin following laser hair removal could be one of the causes of paradoxical hair growth. Client of Middle Eastern or South Asians decent are more systematical to paradoxical hair growth.  Patients who are clinically obese and/or have an underlying hormone issue are also at a higher risk.

The risk of paradoxical hair growth associated with laser hair removal can be reduced by applying cooling gel packs on the treatment area before, during and after the treatment. The chilling of the surrounding tissue prevents inflammation and therefore could also prevent unwanted hair growth.

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