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Woman in a Bikini with hair free skin after laser hair removal or waxing in Miami

Laser Hair Removal or Waxing – cant have ’em both!

Woman in a Bikini with hair free skin after laser hair removal or waxing in MiamiWhy Laser Hair Removal Demands you Break UP with your Waxing Girl!

Waxing is such a great alnternative to shaving! Enjoying weeks of baby smooth skin is worth the pain and agony of the actual treatment. The majority of our laser hair removal Miami clients have been waxing for decades. The downside of waxing, aside from the pain, is that eventually the $40-$150 price tag starts adding up to thousands of dollars with no permanent results. Waxing requires constant maintance and laser hair removal provides more permenant results with a much less expensive price tag! But how do you choose between laser hair removal or waxing and why cant you have them both?

Oh the Beeeez Wax!

First, lets talk about how waxing works, why its pretty wonderful and why its not our favorite! First, the hot wax is applied to the skin. By hot – we meat *hot* – the possiblity of burns from waxing is actually higher then from laser hair removal. Then a special cloth strip is applied to grab the wax and the hair. The strip is then pulled from the apposite direction of hair growth. The hair is then yanked from the hair follice. Sounds pretty barberic right? Since the hair is pulled out of the hair follice, it takes a couple of weeks for new hair strands to start showing up. A period of smooth skin is all yours to enjoy. After a couple of weeks, the hair starts showing up. The biggest draw back of waxing is the waiting period. Who wants to wait an addtional week or two to let their hair grow long enough so the wax can actually grab it?

The Buzz with Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal or waxing – the choice is simple! The reason laser hair removal is so popular is due to its effectivness, cost and ofcourse, results! In an little as six treatments, clients are able to achieve anywhre from 70-95% reduction of hair. This varies based on skin color, hair color and personal biological facots. Choosing a laser technitian that knows the best way to manipulate the settings of the laser is one of the most important things in being satisfied with the treatment. New lasers are now much faster, safer and effective then when lasers were first introducted. Getting laser hair removal on your back or legs can take as little as 30 minutes. As they say, nothing in life is permanent and occasional touch up treatments are required to maintain the perfection of your smooth skin even after the inital package is compelete.

Why choosing between laser hair removal or waxing is a must!

The answer is simple and lies in the science behind our favorite treatment. The laser is attracted to pigment of the hair follice. The bulb of our hair follice is where the pigment lies. When our hair is in the actively growing stage, the shaft of the hair follice is attached to the bulb. The bulb recieves all the necessary neutrients and energy from the blood supply to make the hair grow. This is when the melanin of the hair follice is also most prominent. When we wax, we pull the hair follicle that is in the activley growing stage out of the bulb. By doing so, the laser will not “see” the hair follice and it will never get treated. Ultimaly making your treatment innefective, wasting your time and money. The exact same princple applies to depilitory creams such as nair.

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