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Laser Hair Removal for Women

Woman with smooth skin for laser hair removal for women treatmentGetting to the root of the problem – Laser Hair Removal for Women!

True beauty comes from the inside, but there is nothing wrong with giving it a little “umph.” Women spend hours on maintaining and improving their appearance. Laser hair removal in Miami is one of the most popular treatments that saves a tremendous amount of time, but it also gives bragging rights for having smooth hair free skin all year round.

Laser hair removal for women is tailored to specific treatment areas and usually reduces unwanted hair on any part of the body. Our full brazilian/underarm package is the most popular package among our Miami clients. In as little as six treatments clients receive 80-95 reduction of hair. Women who have an unusually high density of hair follicles, darker skin tones or have hormone irregularities may require more treatments to achieve the desired results.

Some of our clients have mentioned that “pain” was their number deterrent from trying out any laser treatments. But after a small test spot or even their first treatment many reported that the “snapping” sensation of the laser is far more tolerable then waxing. The underarms tend to be the most sensitive area to get treated, even more so then the bikini area. Avalon Medical Spa provides a numbing cream and a cold pack to minimize any discomfort. Clients that avoid drinking coffee the morning of their treatment and take an over the counter pain medication such as a Tylenol, report less discomfort during the procedure. Women who are premenstrual (usually a couple of days before the start of their cycle) tend to be more sensitive to pain.

Once the series of treatments is complete, some maintenance treatments may be required. The human body is constantly changing and it could produce new hair follicles.This varies from patient to patient, some of our patients need a touch up on a yearly basis while others are comfortable coming in every couple of years. Pregnancy hormones tend to trigger hair growth and it is common to experience some re-growth.  For safety reasons Avalon Medical Spa does not treat women who are pregnant.

Please contact us for a complimentary consultation and find out how Avalon Medical Spa can keep you hair free from head to toe!