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Laser Hair Removal – 8 Reasons to say NO

When laser hair removal in Miami is not the best solutionLaser hair removal is one of the most popular procedures in Miami. It is used to reduce unwanted hair growth on pretty much any part of the body! However, it is not ideal in certain situations. A lot of Medical Spas in Miami do not inform the client of all the possible draw backs of the procedure. This can create an unfavorable situation to both the practicer and the client once a series of sessions has been purchased. In this blog, we will outline all possible scenarios where laser hair removal in Miami may not be the best option for you.

Laser hair removal can be expensive
Laser hair removal requires a series of at least six to nine treatments. The appointments are spread over a course of months to achieve the optimal results. The time in between appointments is based on the hair growth cycle. The price depends on the area being treated and can range anywhere from $80-$250 per treatment. This can easily add up to thousands of dollars.

Do not get laser hair removal if you do not trust your medical spa
Research and homework go along way in choosing a provider that you are comfortable with. The experience of the provider and the type of laser used all play a huge role in contributing to the results. After all, laser hair removal requires a commitment on your part. If you do not feel comfortable spending at least a year or more with your medical spa, continue searching!

Do not get laser hair removal if you feel pressured by the sales team to sign up on the spot! 
Unfortunately, some clinics use high pressure sales tactics to simply get a sale and meet their monthly quota. Laser hair removal is a personal decision that should not be rushed or forced. Only sign up once you know that this is the best service for you.

Laser hair removal can not be done over tattoos
The laser is attracted to the pigment. This includes pigment in the skin, hair follicle and your tattoo. If the laser is performed over an area with a tattoo – expect blisters, burns and discoloration. The scars can be permanent and also distort the color of the tattoo and the texture of surrounding skin.

Not all lasers are FDA approved for hair removal.
There are a hundreds of laser manufactures and not all of them are FDA approved. This means that the lasers may not only deliver the promised results but they also may not be safe. Most big manufactures go through a scrutinous process to ensure the safety and approval of their machines. However, smaller companies choose to bring their laser from other countries that may not have similar standards.

Not all lasers are able to treat dark skin.
Clients with dark skin require a special wavelength which can target the hair follicle without affecting the surrounding tissue. The Syneron Diode that uses radio frequency energy in combination with light to effectively target the hair follicle. Radio Frequency energy is color blind making it one of the safest modalities to be used on clients with darker skin tones. Refer to the Fitzpatrick Skin Chart to see where your skin tone falls.

Fitzpatrick Scale for Laser Hair Removal in Miami


Do not get laser hair removal if the provider is not able to offer a test spot! 
Avalon Medical Spa offers a complimentary test spot during our laser hair removal consultation. This allows both the practicer and the client to see how the skin will react to laser hair removal.  The test spot will allow you to see how the laser feels and determine if there may be any complications that may arise with laser hair removal and your skin. Remember, the full effect will be seen 10 – 14 days after the treatments.

Laser hair removal does not guarantee results
Just like any medical procedure the results with laser hair removal vary based on personal factors of the individual and can not be guaranteed. The ideal laser hair removal candidate has light skin and dark course hair. Even then, personal factors and medical conditions can affect the efficacy and permanency of the results. Sometimes, a certain degree of patients may be required to achieve the desired outcome.

To find out more about laser hair removal in Miami, call the experts at Avalon Medical Spa at 305-918-2007 or email us at info@avalonmedispa.com. We are proud to be one of the very few Medical Spas in Miami to offer a lifetime guarantee!