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Beautiful Couple on the beach after laser hair removal for dark skin at Avalon Medical Spa in Miami

Laser Hair Removal for Dark Skin – Get the Facts!

Beautiful Couple on the beach after laser hair removal for dark skin at Avalon Medical Spa in MiamiLaser Hair Removal for Dark Skin – Its Finally Possible! 

Laser hair removal is the most effective procedure that permanently reduces hair growth. However, like every other medical procedure, it has some risks and drawbacks. One of the biggest myths in the industry is that laser hair removal for dark skin in Miami simply can not be done. Think again! Avalon Medical Spa specializes in laser hair removal, in fact – its what we do best. In this blog post we will explain why darker skin tones are not impossible to treat and why the laser technician needs to be extra cautions.

Older Technology – Older Rules

When lasers were first introduced for aesthetic purposes and laser hair removal, the technology was only capable to treat patients with lighter skin tones. Those who fell under the Fitzpatrick scale of skin tones I and II were perfectly safe to get laser hair removal without any adverse side effects. (Refer to the chart below to find out more about Fitzpatrick skin typing).Fitzpatrick Scale for Laser Hair Removal in Miami

The reason for this being is that the laser is attracted to the melanin of the hair follicle. The more melanin the hair follicle has, the easier and faster the laser can find it and destroy it. Darker skin tones also have melanin in their skin. Subsequently, the laser would also be drawn to the melanin in the skin. This would cause burns and scars in patients of ethnic descent. Well, technology has come a long way and new laser on the market use different wavelength and modalities that are able to safely and effectively target the hair follicle without causing damage to the surrounding tissue. Thanks to research and science, there is now no excuse to give laser hair removal in Miami a chance!

Why is laser hair removal for dark skin different from laser hair removal on light skin?

With the exception of a few very very light colored individuals, every one of us has a substance called melanin. Melanin is a is a complex polymer derived from the amino acid tyrosine. In layman’s terms – melanin is whats responsible for the color in our eyes, hair and skin. The darker the color – the more melanin you have. So if you have an olive complexion – the more epidermal melanin is present in the skin. Lasers work by emitting light energy, which turns into heat energy once it reached the skin. The heat from the laser is then absorbed by the hair follicle, ultimately destroying it and prohibiting it from producing hair in the future.

Darker colors absorb heat much faster, clients with darker hair color are considered the best candidates for laser hair removal. However, clients who have more melanin in the skin are also at risk for absorbing the heat from the laser in the surrounding tissue, not just the hair follicle. This means that laser technician would need to apply less energy on darker skin clients, making laser hair removal less effective and potentially causing hyper pigmentation, blisters, burns and scars.  

New Technology – Better Results! 

Lets face it – no can escape the Miami sun. Even the lightest skin tones will have some color and lets not forget the mixture of Latin American culture! The majority of residence seeking laser hair removal in Miami are of hispanic descent. The innovative Elos laser hair removal technology is now able to safely and effectively provide unparalleled results when it comes to laser hair removal! Avalon Medical Spa is proud to introduce the only laser that combines light energy and radio frequency energy. The benefit of using radio frequency energy for laser hair removal on dark skin is that RF is colorblind. Meaning that regardless of how dark the skin is, it will simply not affect it. 

Elos laser hair removal works by first emitting light energy, which can be decreased based on the clients skin tone. The light energy travels through the skin first, finding the hair follicle and heating it up. Once the light energy has done its job, RF energy is released. Since RF energy is attracted to heat, it travels directly to the already pre-heated hair follicle and finishes the job. Voila – less risk and the desired results!

Full Disclosure! 

Even though the revolutionary Elos Technology is the only FDA approved laser hair removal device for ALL skin tones, it is still not perfect. Clients considering laser hair removal for dark skin tones may need an additional couple treatments to achieve the desired effect. After all, the melanin in the skin still absorbs the light energy. To avoid any complications, the laser hair removal Miami specialists at Avalon Medical Spa would still avoid using high settings to ensure the safety of our clients.

What to do to avoid laser hair removal for dark skin side effects

After countless studies and research, the 3 best recommendations to avoid any complications when performing laser hair removal for dark skin are:

  1. Longer wavelength. Lasers that use a longer wavelength penetrate the skin more gently and therefore minimize the heat and the side effects
  2. Active epidermal cooling. Elos technology utilizes a cooling tip that cools the skin upon contact. This minimizes the risk to the surrounding tissue. By cooling the skin, the procedure also becomes more comfortable!
  3. Longer pulse duration. Pulse duration is how long the light/heat energy is exposed to the target chromophore. By increase pulse duration, the heat is introduced more slowly to the skin allowing it time to build up to the desired temperature. This allows for a gradual build up of energy, as apposed to a rapid increase that can cause an adverse reaction.

If you have an olive complexion or darker and are interested in laser hair removal for dark skin, read our texts weeks blog post! We will cover the type of questions you should ask during your consultation. In the meantime, you can schedule your complimentary consultation with the laser hair removal Miami specialists at Avalon Medical Spa. Let the results speak for themselves! During our complimentary, no obligation consultation you can experience what the laser feels like with a test spot and a treatment plan that is right for you. Call us at 305-918-2007 or email us at info@avlaonmedispa.com