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Facial Laser Hair Removal

No one should see stubble at 5 o’clock!

Get Facial Laser Hair Removal in Miami Today!

No woman has ever enjoyed walking up to the mirror and seeing hair on her lip, chin or cheeks. Unfortunately , there are many factors that could contribute to stubborn unwanted facial hair growth. Maybe your great-grandmother had a mustache (genetics), hormonal changes associated with puberty, pregnancy, menopause and certain medical conditions and disorders can trigger unexpected facial hair growth.  Even though science has proven that shaving does not make your hair grow thicker or longer, no one wants to shave their face. Facial laser hair removal is the most effective and safe way to permanently reduce facial hair on both men and women. IPL photofacial treatments not only help with sun damage and broken capillaries but also reduce unwanted hair!

Some facial hair growth, especially in women, is sometimes caused by a hormonal imbalance. In these situations, maintenance treatments are usually necessary to maintain smooth kissable skin! Avalon Medical Spa is the only clinic in Miami that offers a lifetime guarantee of 50% off on all follow up and touchup treatments after the initial package is complete.

The most common facial treatment areas for women include:

  • Laser hair removal for the lip
  • Laser hair removal for the chin
  • Laser hair removal for the neck
  • Laser hair removal for fuse full face
  • Laser hair removal for the sideburns

Our male clients love treating their beard with laser hair removal. Facial laser hair removal not only thins out the hair but eliminates razor burn and bumps that can resemble acne. Our Miami laser hair removal male clients also choose to remove the hair on the back of their neck to maintain that perfect hair line and allow more time in between their hair cut appointments. Gentlemen, what are you waiting for?

The most common facial treatment areas for men include:

  • Laser hair removal on the full beard
  • Laser hair removal on the neckline (as if a beard was trimmed)
  • Laser hair removal on the front or back of the neck

Laser Hair Removal For the Face Before and After