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Chest Laser Hair Removal

Chest hair – yes or no?

Not all men are created equal and not all chest hair is desired. Most men have some hair on the chest, some more then others. It does not mean that you want or have to keep it! Chest laser hair removal for men is a personal choice that will make you happy you thew away your razor. Some of our male have been praying for years and now its finally here: CHEST laser hair removal. Miami clients want to permanently remove all their chest hair or just thin it out to make it more manageable. Laser hair removal experts at Avalon Medical spa are able to treat the chest alone or in combination with the abdomen. Hair on the abdomen can either take up the whole area or just the “ab strip” aka the happy trail as many of our beautiful ladies like to call it. Our laser hair removal page provides details about back laser hair removal that is specific just to our Miami male clients.

Whatever it is, smooth hair free skin can be easily achieved with chest laser hair removal. Our female clients also choose laser hair removal for the chest as hair can appear around the areoles. These hairs are usually cased by hormonal changes are quite common and very easily treated. In most cases, the hairs are gone just after a few laser hair removal treatments. The changes in our body chemistry can cause some dormant hair follicles to become active and produce new hairs over time. But rest assured, Avalon Medical Spa offers a lifetime guarantee of 50% off touch up treatments after the completion of the recommend six treatments. Back laser hair removal treatments only take about an hour to complete, which mean that you could easily add a smaller area such as the neck or the underarms to complete your journey to a hair free life

While Avalon Medical Spa assures all of our Miami Clients that a permanent reduction of hair on the chest can be achieved, we do advise to make your appointments at longer intervals. The ideal time frame is anywhere from 6-8 weeks with some maintenance treatments required to prolong hair free periods. And of course, PLEASE stay out sunshine!

Schedule your first consultation with the Miami experts of laser hair removal and say hello to smoother, sexier you! Call 305-918-2007 to speak with one of our hair removal consultations about the procedure, time and cost. No obligation required, so whats there to loose?

Laser Hair Removal for the Chest Before and After