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Back Laser Hair Removal

Lets Bring Sexy BACK!

Get back laser hair removal in Miami at Avalon Medical Spa

Gentlemen, having a little fur on your back is never a “thing” so weather you wax or shave – don’t stop! Unless you are  flexible, shaving your back may require you asking for help from your significant other, roommate or neighbor. If you’re not close with your neighbor, cant find your razor blade its time to consider back laser hair removal for a more permanent solution.

Most clients see reduction of hair growth from just one treatment. However a series of at least six treatments is recommended for 80-90% reduction of hair. The sessions for back laser hair removal are spaced every 6-8 weeks apart. As you go through your treatments, the hair becomes thinner and lighter. You are able to shave in between your appointments, although the more treatments you have, the less you will need to do so. Our male clients who remove the hair on their back, also choose to get laser hair removal on the back of their neck. This helps them maintain a perfect hair cut without having the need to visit their hair stylist.

Avalon Medical specializes in laser hair removal and our experts will determine the best settings for your skin type. We offer cutting edge lasers that are not only effective, but safe. Depending on your skin type, permeant hair reduction on the back can be achieved in as little as six to nine treatments. We have performed thousands of back laser hair removal procedures and our results speak for themselves. We strongly advise avoid prolonged sun exposure while you undergo back laser hair removal sessions.

Scheduling your consultation or treatment for back laser hair removal in Miami is as easy as calling Avalon Medical Spa at 305-918-2007 or email us through our contact form. Take advantage of our monthly specials and save money on all your laser hair removal needs in our Miami location.

Laser Hair Removal Back Before and After